Exotic Wood Pianos

Back to music, back to nature

Humankind’s deep connection to nature and art come together to create these astonishing instruments. World renowned Fazioli Pianoforti from Italy build these unique pieces of art to complement the harmony between rare woods and contemporary art.

You are the more important factor when deciding a perfect piano. No matter how demanding and adventurous the ideas, we welcome the challenge to build the most beautiful exotic wood pianos with prefect sound.

Redefine luxurious nature with Fazioli California Walnut, Fazioli Brunei and others…

FAZIOLI California Walnut Piano

Fazioli – California Walnut Piano

Feel the heat with perfect sound

California Walnut: one of the most exquisite piano making materials there ever was, is and probably will be. Fazioli’s decades of experience in the fine art of piano making poured into one amazing instrument. The exotic wood selection enables brighter, more vivid sounds, while also looking breathtaking.

Get hypnotized with beauty and the sound…

FAZIOLI Brunei Piano

Fazioli – Brunei Piano

Be the Sultan of Your home

Built for the Sultan of Brunei, this piano shows humbly luxurious. The play on red and gold resonate the fire of the powerful characteristics of the sound spectrum of this instrument. Truly a piano for the daring. This will be the most important item You own!

Feel the royalty with every touch…

FAZIOLI Malachite Piano

Fazioli – Malachite Piano

Music and jewelery

Fazioli Malachite harmonizes the sublime Fazioli sound with Malachite stones. While Your ears feast on the beautiful notes coming out of the piano, Your eyes will be drawn to the shiny Malachite, the perfect combination. New design for a new age!

Fazioli Malachite shines everywhere…