PLEYEL – Peugeot Design Lab

PLEYEL – Peugeot Design Lab

A shining dance of wood,  future, music and design

The Peugeot Design Lab has reconstructed the piano as we know it. A new approach to a grand piano. This revisit, even though it is revolutionary and daring, does not compromise the sound or the structure of the piano in anyway: Peugeot model has everything and more.

With the help of Pleyel Pianos and their 200 years skills and know-how, this amazing model is a masterpiece. Dynamic and light design adds a levitating effect and let’s You appreciate this piece of art even more.

Design by Cyrille Vayson de Prandenne

PLEYEL – Peugeot Design Lab

This grand’s major innovations are the lowering of the mechanics in order to align the pianos cover and keyboard for an unequalled acoustic and visual quality, a new opening system by coming up with a self-supporting lid mechanism that can be raised with one hand – an idea borrowed directly from a cars tailgate -, a single cantilever leg with all the elegance of a suspension bridge creating a surprising levitation effect by offering the sight of a mechanism, supposedly heavy, floating above the stage. It confers exceptional visual lightness to what is traditionally one of the heaviest instruments in the musical world. Although the body of the piano and the soundboard are made of wood, which reacts best to sound, the lid and the leg have been made of carbon fibre for its properties of lightness and also of sound projection.

PLEYEL – Peugeot Design Lab


  • Grand piano – P204 model.

  • Dimensions : L 241 cm x W 168 cm x H 83 cm

  • External and internal finishing : high-gloss lacquer, black and white colour

  • Piano prop, wide music stand, lyre and legs of the piano made of solid natural beech wood

  • Cast-iron frame lacquered in a glossy white colour

  • Monopod leg in carbon fibre off­centred and cantilevered

  • Ball­bearings and separate braking system

PLEYEL – Peugeot Design Lab


  • Lyre integrated in the monopod

  • Lid in carbon with ratchet mechanism, 3 positions, adjustable with one hand

  • Music stand adjustable with one hand

  • Keyboard at the same level as the frame without keyboard cover

  • Fittings in nickel-plated steel

  • Soundboard and ribs: solid spruce from Fiemme Valley, Ciresa

  • Renner action according to Pleyel specifications

  • 88 notes, 7 octaves 1/3

PLEYEL – Peugeot Design Lab

Piano bench by Peugeot Design Lab specially made for Pleyel:

  • Matching piano bench in a wood structure with high-gloss lacquer, ebony black colour

  • Black leather upholstery

  • Height adjustable