Transparent Pianos

Display every inch of your piano.

Transparent pianos made it possible to see what your piano is really made of and thanks to the new manufacturing methods, this happens without the quality of the sound being comprimised. From the well known Gary Pons pianos to the futuristic designer Lucid Pianos, Lux of Art offers a variety of see-through pianos.

Either with or without light, these contemporary pieces of art will make Your guests envious…

GaryPons - SY278R

Gary Pons

There are no more undiscovered parts with transparency. From the earlier days of the humankind, we always found shiny object interesting. Now with new technological advancements, You can discover the shiny see-through pianos Yourself.

Gary Pons, one of the pioneers in the transparent piano manufacturing, has an extensive portfolio of transparent pianos for You eyes to feast on. Seing the mechanics at work, lighting Your piano with various colours to fit Your mood and environment are only some aspects You and Your guests will find amazing. Make your piano the centerpiece and use the ─▒ntegrated LED lights to highlight Your instrument in an inspiring way.

When beautifying the traditional piano in this fashion, Gary Pons pianos also have the high standard and mesmerizing tone quality. Let Your eyes and ears get the treatment they deserve on a piano that looks as if it is levitating…


Lucid Pianos

Lucid Piano designs pianos straight out of a futuristic sci-fi movie. The highly personalized nature of these unique pianos gives You the opportunity to reflect your strong personality in Your Piano.

The design philosophy of Lucid Piano, which is highly irregular, enables pianos tailored for the environments of display. Contemporary nature and timeless design of these pianos will shine like the crown jewel they are anywhere. Lucid Piano creates pianos that cannot be looked away from.

Give Your space a personality with great sound: Lucid Piano