Lucid – Exo

X - Lucid EXO - Silver

Exo: art of technology, technology for art

Featuring MONAD Studio’s 3D forms combined with the state-of-the-art 3D technology expertise from Blüthner, this contemporary piece of art should belong to a museum. But it can be in Your home. The futuristic design with the perfect sound creates more than three dimensions, it activates each and every sense of people at Exo’s presence. Seamless and fluid elegance of Exo skeleton will be the only thing all your guests can talk about.

Radical, new, sound; everything You need and more is Exo…

X - Lucid EXO - Gold
X - Lucid EXO - Red
X - Lucid EXO - Silver
X - Lucid EXO - Blue