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Design Pianos

Design Pianos

Classic Piano and much more…

Since the early 18th century pianos have been in our lives to give us joy and the gift of music. At Lux of Art You have a broad selection from the best piano brands in the world: from their sound to their design, luxury and quality is guaranteed to grant you the best musical experience.

Our selection of pianos include from the legendary piano maker Italian Fazioli to Germany’s very own August Förster and to Lucid Pianos and Pleyel Pianos all of which are designed to look and sound to perfection.

Self Playing Piano System

Self Playing Piano System


the masterful and moving performances of the world’s top musicians, recreated and played back perfectly on your piano.

Every nuance and intricacy expressed by the original artist—from the loudest fortissimo to the softest pianissimo—is perfectly captured and replicated on your piano.

With Self-Player Piano Systems, let your invisible pianist play the most beautiful melodies while you just relax. This system will be the next hit in your dinner parties. Control it from your iPad and let your guests be amazed and envious.

Let the soothing sound of your piano take you away…

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Pianos for Yacht

Piano for Yachts

Sea, Yachts and more…

The Yacht : Freedom, Status quo, Prestige…

The Yacht and The Piano together: Bright, Modern, Unique, Inspiration…

Pianos have been an icon for success, wealth and culture throughout the time. Whether the piano stands in your living room or your yacht, it will stand out. From Fazioli’s Marco Polo to Lucid Piano’s Exo, You can define what your piano says about You.

All Pianos are with the highest quality, design, colour and size for your yacht; and much more…



If you feel creative and want to design your own piano, you can!

Working with the best piano manufacturers and Lux of Art, You can design and have your very unique and fabulous piano to match any setting you desire to display it in.