Gary Pons

A few notes and You will be hypnotized…

From the earlier days of the humankind, we always found shiny object interesting. Now with new technological advancements, You can discover the shiny see-through pianos Yourself.

Gary Pons, one of the pioneers in the transparent piano manufacturing, has an extensive portfolio of transparent pianos for You eyes to feast on. Seeing the mechanics at work, lighting Your piano with various colours to fit Your mood and environment are only some aspects You and Your guests will find amazing. Make your piano the centerpiece and use the integrated LED lights to highlight Your instrument in an inspiring way.

When beautifying the traditional piano in this fashion, Gary Pons pianos also have the high standard and mesmerizing tone quality.

Let Your eyes and ears get the treatment they deserve on a piano that looks as if it is levitating…


Gary Pons – SY 278 Platinium R

A perfect representative of the transparent pianos range: The SY 278 Platinium

Plexart pianos known to deliver a unique design but with this exceptional piano Gary Pons combines the prefect sound with it. Like a concert grand the sound mesmerizes players and the audience while also shining like a diamond in where ever it is display; may that it be your home, yacht or palace…

All the characteristics and non of the classics: from bass to trebles, SY 278’s does not only look like levitating but also sounds like it takes You up in the air and dances in a perfect harmony.  With 2 meters 78, this marvelous piano is designed for greatest artists and music enthusiasts and its sound fills up even a concert hall, it is the concert grand for everybody; classics, adventurers and more…


Gary Pons – SY 187 R

Expression, Design, Sound

The largest baby-grand piano of transparent category, the SY 187, can be described as the love child of beauty and sound. This magnificent piano with its immense sound profile and fabulous expressive capabilities, will be the most fascinating item of its surrounding. SY 187 is a unique piano with a sound overarching its body, creating subtle yet strong and beautiful melodies.

You are not going to want to leave the sight of this piano…


Gary Pons – SY 160

A few notes and You will be hypnotized…

SY 160 is a highly authentic and gentle piano that represents elegance. With its perfect design and size, this unique piano will fit in with any interior. The looks of a small grand piano is, however, not a reflection of its rich and amazing musical capabilities, the SY 160 surpasses any expectations and amazes with each and every aspect that brings this instrument together.


Gary Pons – SY 123

An upright piano straight out of Your dreams…

A pleasant surprise: the SY123. The details and strong personality of this piano are results of numerous hours of manual work. The design highlighting each and every aspect of the SY 123 makes it unique, the sound elevates the creativity that is behind this amazing instrument to a higher level.

This humble yet smart upright piano affects the artists from the first glance to the moment they touch the keys. Strong personality, powerful sound and elegant and giving design makes an authentic and incomparable piano come to life.

You know You are in presence of a noble instrument with SY 123