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The point where luxury and art meeting.

Classical Piano and Beyond…

The place where quality and sound take a visual form, where you can find the place, the institution, personalized designs. In addition to the design feature, these pianos were elaborated with long-lasting craftsmanship. More unique and powerful with very special timbre. It delivers smooth sound with unrivaled uniqueness. These exceptional models are able to influence their owners with the prestige they have, as well as making the place where they are special and the musicians as they touch the keys. And thus reveals its strength and personality. No matter what brand and model you choose from these pianos, the sound quality is unmatched and the harmony to the place will be complete.

From Fazioli to Steingraeber, Lucid Piano to Pleyel is a first-rate piano, all of which have proven themselves with sound quality. They also maximize the visual pleasure without sacrificing quality. These pianos, which have proven their uniqueness and extraordinary structures in the world’s best concert halls with its acoustics, durability, sound structure and unique sounds, turn into a visual feast with their designs.

All the pianos are handmade. Whether it’s classic or design, every piano is special. Besides its many technical features, it has the highest sound structure and acoustics. From baroque style to modern designs.

Your piano will be the only one.

  • The legendary piano Fazioli from Italy
  • Steingraeber & Söhne with 200 years of work, art and experience from Germany
  • German handmade August Förster
  • Fine French taste and aesthetics Piano shaped Pleyel Piano
  • Lucid, combining transparency with elegance
  • Plexi art Gary Pons from France
  • All and more.


Special Model for you
You select the special you get.
You Design Let us do our own work.

Let’s analyze your needs, your place, your taste Let our designers design it for you. Just will be yours.

Be brave, want, your piano will be fantastic.