Lucid Piano

Lucid Piano desings pianos straight out of a futuristic sci-fi movie…

The highly personalized nature of these unique pianos gives You the opportunity to reflect your strong personality in Your Piano.

The design phiolosphy of Lucid Piano, which is highly irregular, enables pianos tailored for the environments of display. Contemporary nature and timeless design of these pianos will shine like the crown jewel they are anywhere. Lucid Piano creates pianos that cannot be looked away from.

Give Your space a personality with great sound: Lucid Piano

Lucid HIVE Elegance

Lucid – Hive Elegance

Sexy looks, unprecedented sound

A glamorous grand piano designed and manufactured in the most sophisticated way to redefine luxury and futuristic understanding of elegance and tradition. Owning a Lucid Piano Hive Elegance is something special, like a private club.

Tailored to your needs and wishes Hive Elegance offers flexibility, creativity and something that is uniquely yours from the start. Produced by the well know German piano manufacturer Blüthner, Hive Elegance is guaranteed to deliver on all counts: perfect sound, amazing design and a piano with unique personality.

Get lost in the beauty of Hive Elegance’s looks and sound…


Lucid – Exo

Exo: art of technology, technology for art

Featuring MONAD Studio’s 3D forms combined with the state-of-the-art 3D technology expertise from Blüthner, this contemporary piece of art should belong to a museum. But it can be in Your home. The futuristic design with the perfect sound creates more than three dimensions, it activates each and every sense of people at Exo’s presence. Seamless and fluid elegance of Exo skeleton will be the only thing all your guests can talk about.

Radical, new, sound; everything You need and more is Exo…

LUCID - Elegance

Lucid – Elegance

The name sums up this magnificent beast in a perfect way: Elegance

Elegance can be whatever it means to You. This highly customizable piece of art is one of the most exclusive offerings from Lucid Piano. Semi-transparency combined with the vivid colours create a perfect harmony for Your eyes to rest on. A perfect play on the classics with the best materials available in the world.

Change is here for the most exclusive people, Elegance is here to stay…


Lucid – PH

Something from the future; the PH

Boldness is the statement Lucid Piano is trying to accomplish by this work of art. PH’s body full of “windows” to look inside give the instrument a rare personality; a glimpse into the secrets of music. Amazing sound arising from this piano will hypnotize You just with couple of notes. Follow the modern piano journey with PH and become a trailblazer.

PH is open, it is uniquely yours…

Lucid - iDyllic Excellence

Lucid – iDyllic Excellence

Re-engineer everything you know about a piano, iDyllic Excellence is the result

As the technology became more advanced, we became more found of not what it is but what it can be. iDyllic Excellence is bringing what it is today to the future with a fully transparent body and an amazing sound. Blüthner Pianoforte’s 160 years of experience in piano making reflects every knowledge they gathered over the years. This innovative and bold design calls for attention without trying and needless to say the mission is well accomplished.

Let’s get lost in idyllic dreams with the sound of iDyllic Excellence…

LUCID – Hive Xtravaganza

Lucid – Hive Xtravaganza

Luxury, future, an icon: Hive Xtravaganza

Manufactured by the world renowned Blüthner Pianoforte of Germany, Hive Xtravaganza is what it is; a little extravagant, but in a good way. From the mesmerizing sound to its design Hive Xtravaganza is extravagant, assertive, powerful and yet specially beautiful and incomparable. The amazing tonality escorted with the magnificent design of Xtravaganza creates an instrument for innovators and dreamers.

Redefine luxury and art with Hive Xtravaganza…