Lucid – Hive Elegance

Lucid HIVE Elegance BLACK- GoldKeys

Sexy looks, unprecedented sound

A glamorous grand piano designed and manufactured in the most sophisticated way to redefine luxury and futuristic understanding of elegance and tradition. Owning a Lucid Piano Hive Elegance is something special, like a private club.

Tailored to your needs and wishes Hive Elegance offers flexibility, creativity and something that is uniquely yours from the start. Produced by the well know German piano manufacturer Blüthner, Hive Elegance is guaranteed to deliver on all counts: perfect sound, amazing design and a piano with unique personality.

Get lost in the beauty of Hive Elegance’s looks and sound…

Lucid HIVE Elegance YEW Veneer
Lucid HIVE Elegance BLUE - Gold
Lucid HIVE Elegance Bubinga Veneer
Lucid HIVE Elegance BLACK- GoldKeys