Modern Pianos

From legendary Fazioli Pianoforti’s M. Liminal to Pleyel’s exquisite Peugeot Design, pianos can look like a futuristic spaceship and also have the amazing sound that we are craving for.

No more with the classics, it is the age of modern!



Designed by NYT Line

The perfect harmony of architecture, design and sound are expressed in this M. Liminal model, designed by NYT Line and Philippe Gendre.

With the asymmetric design an order is created from true disorder, like music. With the playful usage of black and silver colours an instrument extraordinaire comes together to please the eye but also with Fazioli quality sound the ear as well. The redness of the soundboard and the transparency of the plexiglas account for beauty even in the smallest details of M. Liminal.

The design, inspired by the sea, is very provocative and daring. It is natural and modern at the same time. M. Liminal wows everybody who encounters this magnificent sea beast.



Like a mesmerizing aria, Fazioli Aria never stops surprising You. Perfect and unexpected curves combined with the silver iron frame sing a perfect pitch.

Inspired by a bird opening its left wing, Aria flies you to a new sense of beauty and glamour. This unforgettable vision brings sound and looks together, like every Fazioli Piano does.

PLEYEL - Peugeot Design Lab

PLEYEL – Peugeot Design Lab

The Peugeot Design Lab has reconstructed the piano as we know it. A new approach to a grand piano. This revisit, even though it is revolutionary and daring, does not compromise the sound or the structure of the piano in anyway: Peugeot model has everything and more.

With the help of Pleyel Pianos and their 200 years skills and know-how, this amazing model is a masterpiece. Dynamic and light design adds a levitating effect and let’s You appreciate this piece of art even more.

PLEYEL - Milky Way by Andree Putman

PLEYEL – Milky Way by Andree Putman

Like a music box in the stars.

Adrée Putman’s phenomenal design brings the music to the stars with a courageous attempt. Milky Way painted inside of the piano with the fabulous sound of the instrument will bring you to different galaxies.

You will love the Pleyel Milky Way to the moon and back!



Exxeo is more than a piano, it is art, future and present of everything we know about a piano. The futuristic award-winning desing as well as the perfect sound makes You one of the rare owner of this contemporary art piano. Exxeo well surpasses any expectation You can have from an 88 key piece of art.

Designed and developed by former automotive designers from world’s most famous brands like Cadillac, Maybach and Bertone, this piano brings the passion of a motor sport and elegance of music together.

Made from Carbon Fiber, Aluminum and Leather, this unique instrument shows what a piano can be.



Improving what a piano can offer is what Chloris does. With a Chloris, You know that zou are going to get your money’s worth. These handcrafted pianos do not only impress by their perfect sound but also with the fabulous design.

With solid German components and an experienced team in manufacturing, Chloris proves what a piano should be, defining the new standards by optimizing the piano building.