Self Playing Piano System

The IQ player system is an invisible system for your piano. No-one can see what is hidden inside your piano. All the technical components are hidden inside the instrument.

The best thing is that you decide how you want to operate the piano! You can control the system by a music player of your choice: either with an iPod, an MP3 player of your choice or via a computer or a netbook with iTunes® by Apple®.

IQ draws upon the patented SilentDrive technology of PianoDisc. Your piano will play with full dynamic range, even at whisper-soft levels. With iQ, the complete and comprehensive music library from PianoDisc is at your disposal. Enjoy the loveliest pieces – immediately after downloading them quickly and easily from the internet. Or play the piece directly from a CD or our special PianoVideo DVDs.



Experience the enjoyment of music – comfortably sitting on your couch

With the iQ AirPort you can control your PianoDisc comfortably from your couch, from the bar or, at a hotel, from the reception desk.

The package includes:

  • PianoDisc iQ Flex player system

  • Apple AirPort Express – WIFI audio receiver

  • NEW now with Apple iPad !!!

  • Several hours of pre-selected PianoDisc music (30 PianoCD albums and 16 PianoVideo DVDs)

PIANODISC - IQ HD Airport Premium R

PIANODISC – IQ HD Airport Premium R

Opus7- Advanced Multimedia: bringing multimedia and your piano together.

Hear differently… See the possibilities…

Opus7 is an invisible playing system, with its parts hidden in the piano. With the help of Opus7 there is nothing that can disrupt the classical form and natural beauty of your instrument. Opus7 is compatible with Wireless-LAN and is Internet-Ready. Now live stereo playing and replaying is possible via portable Tablet or Laptop!

PIANODISC - IQ HD Sync A Vision MacMini

PIANODISC – IQ HD Sync A Vision MacMini

The only thing better than listening to the award winning PianoDisc player piano system is actually watching the artist play it. And you can do just that with the latest video technology.  The Latest in Entertainment Technology!

By combining four technologies, Sync-A-Vision takes the acoustic piano to places you have never before seen or heard:

  • PianoDisc player piano system

  • Sync-A-Vision software

  • Mac Mini computer

  • HD monitor